Monday, March 19, 2018

Pi Day

I woke up on March 14th like I would on any other day not realizing until I saw a friends post that it was Pi day.  I was super unprepared but we managed to do some fun things anyway.  For those who don't know March 14th is 3.14 so we say it is the mathmatical Pi day.  I've done it in the past and I knew the kids would be sad if we skipped it this year.  Luckily I was able to find some easy things to do on pinterest.

We just happend to have the book "Sir Cumference and the First Round Table" so we read it.  Tucker kind of got the jokes but most of it was over the other kids heads.

Next we watched a couple youtube videos explaining the number Pi to the kids.  There are some pretty informative and silly video's out there about it.

Then the kids used graph paper and did a little art project.
 We looked up the number for Pi and the kids filled in a squares for each number.  So their first building was three squares tall, second one square, third four squares and so on.  Leon was even able to do this and really liked it.

And lastly we made a pie.  We only had the ingredients to make a pumpkin pie but the kids were excited even though it isn't really the right season for it.
 We tried our best at a pie symbol.
 I already have ideas on how to make the pie better next year.

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