Thursday, March 22, 2018

Karaoke Night

The people here in Japan are really big into karaoke.  All over they have these karaoke places where you rent out rooms.  It kind of reminded me of a hotel.  You check in at the front desk and they tell you which room to go to.  Then you go up the elevator and walk down a hall lined with tinted glass doors leading to karaoke rooms.  Some friends got together and had a girls night at one of these places. 

I wanted to go only to watch to have a Japanese Karaoke experience.  But everyone convinced me to sing.  It was super embarrassing and I'm pretty sure I seemed really awkward up there.  I am not really the singing type.  I had fun though and its another new experience that I've had.
The room was equipped with lights and two tv's showing the song lyrics.  You can order food and drinks and hang out as long as you want to pay for.  We paid per hour.
I would definitly go again with friends or family, but I prefer to watch.

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