Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Random Update

I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately mostly with homeschool and basketball.  I spend every day rushing around like crazy and at the end of the day I still feel like I failed in getting anything done.  I really think I was busy enough with homeschool and taking care of Calista that adding in sports six days a week was just crazy.  Basketball is almost done though and I can't wait until it ends.  Meanwhile we spend two hours at the gym every Monday and Wednesday for Scarlett and Penelope's basketball practice.  Everyone else has fun running around playing.  Bob usually meets us there and I fit in a workout while he walks the kids to the food court to find dinner.  We leave the house at 4:30 on these days and don't get back until 7:15 so eating dinner at home doesn't really work.  Tucker and Leon have basketball on Tuesdays/Thrusdays but it is easier because they are at the same time.  Then games are on Saturdays.  On Fridays the kids all do the homeschool swim and gym class.  It gets hectic.  I think we only have one week left and we are not doing this again.

Anyway, here are a few random pictures from our life lately.

These next two are from science night at the library. 

I feel so bad for Calista because she rarely gets a nap that I don't have to wake her up from because we either arrived somewhere or we need to go somewhere.
This last one is kind of gross, but I went out to lunch with friends and cow tongue was on the menu.  Then I saw the very cow tongues hangin up on hooks.  I'm glad I didn't see them until after we ate lunch.  I did not eat cow tongue.

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