Monday, March 26, 2018

Leon's 5th Birthday Party

Leon had his first ever friends birthday party and it was a blast!  He was so excited, for months ahead of time he kept asking me how many more weeks/days until his party.  It was cute and also annoying at the same time.

After we spent the morning setting up Leon came around the house with me to take pictures. 
We ended up with a lot of chain!  I love how they looked though.  If you ask me those nights we spent stapling them together while watching TV were worth it.  I'm not sure if Bob agrees.

We even had time for a picture together before friends arrived.
Just before the party started Tucker, Penelope, and Scarlett went to the neighborhood park and Calista took a nap.  It was great to have the house a little more empty to focus on the party.

As the kids came in we had them make their own flags.  Once they all finished we played the Olympic theme song and watched the kids march around the house.

After our opening exercises the first olympic event was curling.  This one was so easy and it turned out really well.  We just had taped a square on the floor and had the kids try to slide their bracletts into it.
The biathlon was a bit trickier.  They had to suck up a marshmallow with a straw and shoot it across the table.

We had a cheeto torches snack break.
Then on to speed skating.  For this the kids just slid in a circle around our house on rags and we timed them.

For the ski jump bob made a ramp that the kids had to slide a ping pong ball over and try to get it to land in the step.
For the olympic cake I thought about actually lighting the torch but we decided to stick with the traditional candles.
It was quite a bit of cake.
The awards ceremony was probably my favorite part.  I was worried that the dollar store trophies and medals were kind of cheap looking.  But the kids were thrilled to get them.  They were so excited it was really cute.
Later after the party we opened our family presents.  Leon couldn't wait for this!
I think he was most excited for his remote control car.  He was asking for one for a while and so we didn't want to disappoint.

I love how Calista is just sitting and watching like everyone else.
Happy Birthday Leon!

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