Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Train Ride

Sometimes we get squished on the train.  Usually only in Tokyo and even when in Tokyo it isn't all the time.  But we have been on trains where people had to grab on the train above the door and back up while pushing themselves (and everyone behind them) to squeeze on.  Somehow everyone always fits.  I don't mind it that much as long as I can see/feel the kids.  Sometimes the train will be more empty and a child will be across the isle from me, because that is where the open seat is, and it is totally fine until the next stop happens and 600 people squish on making it impossible for me to see them.  Then things get a bit more scary when we have to get off at the next stop and not only can I not see my child but we have to squish off the train.  In that situation I just talk to them in a normal voice even though I can't see them and because all the Japanese people are silent on the train the child can hear m, I just hope they can squish off the train when it is time.  So far it has worked out and no one has not made it on or off when needed.

I don't think I've been on one quite this crowded but I hear it isn't too uncommon if you are in Tokyo at rush hour.  

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