Monday, April 23, 2018

Conference And More

Watching general conference has a totally different feel now that we aren't living in America.  I knew we would watch it a week later because if we watched it live it would actually start Sunday morning at one a.m. and continue onto Monday, or something crazy like that.  But I didn't anticipate the feeling of knowing it is out there without having had watch it.  Especially this session with all the changes that were made.  People knew things and talking about and posting things all over facebook before it was time for us to watch.  We decided not to wait for the next weekend and instead just watched about 20 minutes with the kids each night before bed throughout the week.  Then I think we saved the Sunday morning session for Sunday morning and finished up that way.  We ate our traditional ice cream and waffles during that session. 

Calista got really good at her magnet creations, she put all her shapes she made under the tv so we could enjoy them during conference.
The other kids all played conference bingo.  We used to just give the kids a treat each time a specific word was said.  But it was a bit distracting with everyone getting up and down and arguing over who heard what.  This worked a bit better.  Each chart was different, and they had many words to listen for so it kept them pretty busy.  No one got to eat anything until they got a bingo so they were pretty motivated.  Our home teachers brought these sheets over to us and even brought candy with them.  The picture is of white chocolate chips that we used once the candy was gone (Bob and I might have eaten some of the original m&ms and sour patch candies).  I thought it was really thoughtful of them.

Now for the and more part of the post.  These are just a few random things not related to conference.  I asked Tucker to make lunch one day and he had this set up for each of the kids.  I thought it was cute with the napkin and all.  And I'm just now realizing that the picture is upside down, he did have the spoon the correct way.

Penelope checked out this pinkalicious cook book from the library and was begging to make things in it.  I told her to pick one thing and we would give it a try.  Of course she picked the impossible pinkalicious cake pop shaped like an actual person.  It didn't quite turn out like the picture, but it was just for us and we had fun making it.  Penelope thought it looked great in the end.  I kind of felt like I was on the netflix show "Nailed it"

This next picture was just on my phone because I was trying to figure out if Calista was awake or not.  I couldn't see her face but I had my phone so I kept holding it in the air and snapping pictures then looking at them to see if she was awake or not.
Scarlett set up a little seat for Calista.  Scarlett looks so grown up in this picture to me.

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