Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Boardwalk Jog

I really thought I would miss jogging on my quiet tree lined back street back in Washington, but so far I really love the new place I have to jog that I haven't thought about it that much.  We have an amazing boardwalk right across the road from where we live.  If you look at the left of the picture below you can see some houses, you can't actually see my house but I live right over there.  The girls even have a view of the water right outside their bedroom window.  It is pretty great!  The boardwalk is a little over a mile and pretty flat.  I live near the start of it so I just go down a little past it and back to hit my usual three mile jog. 
Between the palm trees and the water it kind of reminds me of when we stayed in San Diego.  
 I got a little explorative the other day and went all the way down to the water.  It was not my fastest jog, but I found some cool shells.  As you can see behind me we don't really live right across the street from the beach, where the kids can play in the sand, it is more of just rocks and water then the boardwalk.  I do love it though.  Sometimes I can even see Mt. Fuji!
One more thing I love about running on the boardwalk is that it is so safe!  My biggest danger running on the side of the road before was probably cars, I didn't have a sidewalk for most of where I would jog and luckily I've never had any issues.  I love that now I have plenty of space, I don't have to look out for cars or worry about stops and stop lights.  I also feel pretty safe from scary people.  I am so much more visible on the boardwalk that I'm not worried about a bad guy jumping out from behind a tree or anything like it.

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