Thursday, April 26, 2018

Calita's One!

Today is Calista's birthday!  We were lucky to get a doctors appointment.  We can only make same day appointments so it was lucky that when I called this morning they had an opening.  She weighs 18 pounds and I think that was about the 14th% percentile, they also said she is pretty proportional.  And is right on track for her other weights.

We spent the day doing that and taking the other kids to their homeschool activities.  I actually had a birthday cake all planned out to make for her but amazon is a little slow shipping my decorating tools to Japan, so she is going to have to wait until next week for the party.  Good thing she has no idea it is her birthday.  I'm totally fine putting it off.  I think I really want to push it back another year and keep her at this age for a while.

This year has really flown by for me.  It's fun to look back at how little she was.

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