Friday, April 6, 2018

Easter and April Fools

A couple days before Easter I set up my letterboard in preparation for the big holiday.
It was so fun having Easter and April fools day wrapped up all in one this year.  There were just so many prank options!  I started out with some yummy orange juice made out of water and a macaroni and cheese packet.
I thought it looked pretty good, just like OJ.  Unfortunately the kids were ready for me to pull some pranks and they already knew not to trust anything I gave them to eat or drink.  Leon was brave enough to try it for everyone.  He took a couple of drinks and announced "It's ok guys, its just milk!"  haha I thought it was hilarious.  It looked so good I think I'll try this again another day when they aren't expecting it.

The kids, all dressed and ready for church.
We didn't have time to take our picture in the mirror before church so we did it outside afterwards with the timer.
When I tried to go into my room later the door handle was off.  I think Bob was helping the kids attempt to prank me.  I didn't get a picture of it, but Penelope also drew spiders on the toilet paper and offered me a drink of "water" aka straight vinegar that I had to drink to pretend to be fooled.  She loved it and was so happy with her tricks.
We made resurrection rolls, that weren't a trick.  For those not familiar they are rolls that you put a marshmallow in the center of, then after backing the marshmallow is gone leaving an empty roll symbolizing the empty tomb.  If you are really good you make them three days ahead of time, but I forgot about that part until the morning of.

I think our best pranks came during the Easter egg hunt.  We threatened all the eggs were going to be empty but that would be way too easy.  Instead we hid a couple eggs out front and told them to start searching.
After a few minutes when they were really begging for hints I told them that the eggs were really inside!  APRIL FOOLS!

And off they ran in the house looking for eggs.
We gave them each a color to look for and told them to leave the other colors alone, but there were two very special eggs one gold and one silver.  We only had two of those so whoever found them got more than the other kids.  They really wanted these eggs.  After a while Scarlett and Tucker found them and Penelope was devastated.  I let Scarlett open her special egg up to lessen the blow for Penelope.

Carrots!  A rabbit's favorite!
Scarlett was so happy to get these sour patch candies as well, until they were opened.
Rocks.  Yep, bob sliced them open, filled them with rocks and taped them back up.
Don't worry, we gave the kids plenty of real candy to go with the tricks.  I think that helped them not be too mad at all the fake outs.
These grape candies worked pretty well also.  They looked like chocolates but I had bob unwrap the chocolates and put grapes inside then rewrap them up.  The kids were like, "huh??? I thought this was chocolate.  Oh well, a grape!"
Talitha made a yummy Easter dessert with the kids.

I hope you all had a great Easter!

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