Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Basketball season is over!  It pretty much took over my life for the last two months and so I'm so ready for a break.  Seriously with four kids all on different teams we had basketball five days a week, add in their swim and gym class and that makes six days a week.   It was insane.  On Mondays and Wednesdays we left the house at 4:30 and didn't get back until about 7:20, making dinner pretty much impossible.  I need to never sign all the kids up like that again!

Anyway, Leon's practices were very low key.  He didn't have games or anything and him being almost five he was the biggest on his team.  They spent most of the time lining the kids up for things.  Regardless of that Leon had lots of time to practice dribbling while we watched everyone else's basketball practice.  He improved so much over the two months.  He even learned to dribble under his legs and behind his back.

Scarlett cried through her entire first practice and her entire first game.  Other than those two times she did ok.  She ran out and tried each time, although it didn't seem like she was able to get the ball very often.  She didn't really like basketball and we aren't planning on signing her up again. 
Her games were hilarious to watch because half the kids didn't dribble at all.  It was pretty entertaining.

Tucker's practices were so much more serious and intense then everyone else's.  They played positions and had strategies, he now knows more about basketball than me.  Tucker absolutely loved it, and I think he did well especially since it was his first year playing.  He got so much better and braver during the last few the games   It was great.

Tucker made a few baskets but only during the last couple games.  I think my favorite part of the whole season for him was when the opposing coach started shouting, "WHO'S ON 53?  SOMEONE GAURD 53."  Tucker's favorite part was during his last game he got to shoot his first ever free throw shot, and he made it.

Penelope also had a rough start.  She was the only girl on her first team and it was a real shock because we thought it was going to be an all girl team.  She gave it her best try but after the first practice we switched her to  a different team.  This was the best decision!  The other team had three other girls who were friendly and she quickly started playing with them.  Her coaches were also great.
My favorite part of her season was the game when the coaches put in all four girls at the same time.  Before this the boys wouldn't pass to the girl, so they just put all the girls in.  The girls did great and passed it to each other a ton.

Scarlett's team wasn't organized enough to set up a snack schedule so instead she got four separate treats after the last game.

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Gayle Daly said...

Yeah for Tucker. It's great when you see your kids do well. I'm glad that at the end all your kids ended on a positive note. You learned a valuable lesson. Don't over extend yourself with putting your kids in too much at the same time.