Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Scarlett Graniph Shoot

Scarlett's first modeling job was for the Japanese tee shirt company Graniph and it did not go as expected.  Go here for the link to where the company posted her pictures.

When we first arrived all went well as they did Scarlett's hair and make up.

It was after that things started to go south for Scarlett.  They took her to the bathroom and wanted to help her put the clothes on.  She was not happy about that and started to get upset without saying anything.  I figured out that she wanted the helper lady to leave so she could have privacy.  It was after she left that I found out that Scarlett didn't want to wear these clothes.  It was really hard for me to convince her to wear them anyway.

Then after she was all dress they said we should get our coats because we were shooting outside.  I did not realize this and didn't even bring a sufficiently warm coat for Scarlett.  There was literally snow on the ground in places at at this point it was about 8:30am.  Scarlett refused to borrow anyone else's coat so she was just mad and cold about going outside.  It was hard for her to not make an upset/I'm freezing face but we made it through.

The next session went similarly, with Scarlett not wanting to wear the clothes but this time she was posed with a girl.  They were wanting Scarlett to hold her hand or move around with her and Scarlett straight up refused.  I was a little embarrassed and the older girls just posed around Scarlett.  I didn't realize at this point that it could get worse.
In the next shot she was supposed to pose with the boy.  She cried and cried about that.  I promised her the moon and back if she would just stand a little near him and look at the camera.  I didn't even need her to touch him or smile, but nope I couldn't get anything but tears if he was close.  I felt really bad at this point.  Then we stood Scarlett up on the step and the boy snuck around and tried to stand behind her.  They took some pictures that way until Scarlett noticed and burst into tears.  Here is the shot they got of just her.  I guess the ones where he snuck behind didn't work out.
After that Scarlett had one more outfit to shoot and it was with the boy.  She was able to calm down and I convinced her to do it as long as they weren't too close.  We were on the bus when she was supposed to change for this.  The seats were high and so no one could see her, I thought she would be ok changing in our row.  Nope everyone had to exit the bus for her to get dressed.  Then she refused to wear a couple things.  I think there were four things total during the shoot that I could not get her to put on at all.

Here is as close as she would get.

This shoot was a few hours and the whole time she was asking if she could be done.  Next is a picture of one thing she wore that she actually loved.
Once we walked out I asked her what she thought and she said she loved it....What??? To me it seemed like she cried and screamed and refused to do it the whole time.  Kids are weird.  We walked around and got a snack before heading home.

I thought maybe that would be the end of Scarlett's modeling career, but I did decide to give her at least one more try as long as she didn't have to pose with a boy or take pictures outside.  It was seriously a very stressful and embarrassing day.

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