Monday, April 2, 2018

Penelope GU Shoot

We signed the kids up for modeling and one of Penelope's jobs was published!  I think it is super exciting to see it online.  Go here for the link.  The job was for GU, which is fun because it is a store here in Japan that we actually shop at and have bought things from before.  I took some screen shots for everyone to enjoy.

Penelope did so great! Bob actually took her on the shoot because I was taking Scarlett on a different modeling job at the same time.  Bob said she was very quiet but every time they went into the dressing room to change she would nonstop be talking to him about everything.  Then once they were around the Japanese people she was silent again.

Bob took a couple behind the scenes photos on his phone.  After the hour and a half train ride to Tokyo they all got on a bus for a bus ride to the location that over an hour away.  So Penelope got to do hair and make up while riding on the bus.
Tucker and Leon went along for the ride and had a blast watching as many movies as they wanted all day.
Penelope did the shoot with one other little boy who didn't speak English. 
The Japanese people just fawn over the kids and treat them kind of like babies.  They want to dress them and help them with every little thing.  They bring treats/lunch for the kids.  The kids really like it.

Penelope is pretty good at quietly following directions so she did pretty well.  It did make a really long day though.  At first we were a little surprised that they never wanted the kids to smile and they had them do some strange things but now that we have done a couple we are used to it.  Not smiling for them can actually be easier.  Just a lot of look here, now look here, turn face this way...good good, and of course we hear them say a lot of kawaii (cute in Japanese).

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