Friday, May 25, 2018

Hamagin Space Science Center and Log House

It was time for another Woestman Academy field trip.  This time to the Hamagin Space Science Center in Yokohama.  
This play was pretty awesome!  There were tons of school groups there but I did see a couple other families.
This place had lots of floors and different rooms to explore, it reminded me of the Seattle Science Center.
One thing that was funny was we noticed that we would basically have the room to ourselves as we looked around and tested everything out.  Then about 30 kids would rush in and it would be crazy for ten minutes and then they would leave.  Then it would be nice and quiet again for a few minutes before the next rush.  I love how we could stay in each room as long as we wanted.  Everyone gets a turn in our school :) and more importantly we had the time to really learn and have fun.
Many of the exhibits didn't allow pictures, so you will just have to trust me on how fun it was.

After a couple hours there was walked across the park to the log house.  We've been once before but it was time for another visit.

I was a little more brave this time and hung out down below in what I call the crawl space area with the kids for a bit.

Calista even made a Japanese friend.

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