Thursday, May 24, 2018

Scarlett's Doll Party

Scarlett's seven year old 18" doll birthday party was a huge success!  The invite I made says American Girl doll party but Scarlett doesn't have any of those and I think only one of the guests had actual American Girl dolls.  We just asked all the girls to bring their favorite doll.
For decorations we set up the dolls we have and just did a lot with pink and hot pink.

I made a fake doll photo booth prop for the girls.  It was fun for everyone to pretend they were the doll in the box. 
My kids decided not to smile very big because their actual dolls don't have big smiles.
Tucker and Leon even got in on some of the fun.  They actually stayed upstairs the whole time friends were over until the cake and ice cream.  It was perfect.

Once each girl came in we outfitted them with a party had and of course a mini party hat for their dolls as well.  Bob and I made these by just cutting a circle then taping it to a triangle.  I then glued a little pom pom on top and we cut holes in the sides for string.
We took more pictures with our photo props, but mostly that was just me and Scarlett before people arrived.

As people started to come we brought them to the kitchen where everyone had time to make themselves and their dolls matching bracelets. 

After that I took a group picture while Bob reset the table.  We had a little snack time.  Everyone got a heart shaped PB&J and a mini one for their doll of course.  We also had mini cups for the dolls.
The next little game was a big hit.  I was surprised how much time they wanted to spend playing "duck, duck, doll."  Which is exactly like duck duck goose but the dolls tap each other on the head.  About ten minutes in all the dolls were on the ground and the girls were just playing, but they really loved it.   They were also so mature about trying to pick girls who haven't been picked and no one got upset if they weren't picked in a while. 
Next we let the girls each decorate a mini cupcake for their dolls. 
Presents are always fun.  Calista even found some abandoned dolls to play with.
Lastly we ate cake!  Amazingly Calista slept in for the first time and I had enough time to make it before she got up in the morning.  I was really happy with how it turned out.

For thank you gifts Scarlett and I made big and little heart cookies.  
It was a lot of fun for everyone including me.

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