Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Scarlett's 7th Birthday

Scarlett's birthday landed on an already busy day but we did our best to make it fun for her.  

I promised her she could open presents before church, but what I didn't realize was that it was a stake conference day where we had to be meeting on base at 7am.  So we were all up super early to get ready with time to spare for presents.  We made it though!

We decided to buy Scarlett another Our Generation doll.  Her she cut the hair of her previous one within weeks of me buying it and so now she doesn't like it anymore.  That was a couple of years ago and she hasn't cut anyone's hair for a long time so we decided to go with it.  She actually was saving up her money to buy one herself so it was easy for me to figure out which one she wanted.  She decided to go with the blonde doll because she has her ears pierced and even though there was one doll with her ears pierced and red hair Penelope is saving up for that one.  Scarlett said she will like this one because it will remind her of me.
We finished presents and headed onto base.  Our stake is pretty big and they really wanted us to all meet together in Tokyo.  Because of the cost of tolls or the train our ward decided to charter three big busses to bus us up to the stake center.  I think it took us about an hour and a half on the bus.  The kids sat by friends and watched movies on their friends tablets.  They loved it!  On the way back Calista cried a good amount of time, so it wasn't so fun for everyone on the bus.

The busses wouldn't actually drive us all the way to our church building because they said the road was too small.  We got to walk a bit.  I worked hard to finish making the girls matching dresses to wear.  I love this pattern!
So it was a long day.
That night we wanted to do cake and ice cream, but we already had a time consuming birthday cake planned for when her friends came over so Scarlett helped me make brownies instead.  
She was really happy with her big brownie with M&Ms on top!

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Sabrina Bartholomew said...

How Fun!I love the matching dresses. What pattern did you use?