Thursday, June 28, 2018


We bird sat for a week and the kids all thought it was good fun.  There really wasn't much to do and Tucker took care of getting them new food and water everyday.  Other than that we just let them out once in a while and the kids ran around and screamed while the birds did their thing.

Tucker also volunteered at the local animal shelter.  He loved it even though they only had cats and he claims to only like dogs.
While Tucker was volunteering I took the kids to a friends art party where they decorated these amazing notebooks.  It was so fun and they turned out really cool.

We have officially entered the rainy season here in Japan.  Honestly it still rains a lot less that it does in Washington, so the rain doesn't bother me.  I'm not sure if you can call it a rainy season when it doesn't even rain every day.  We can even have a week without rain and that is normal.  But the heat and humidity is killing me.  I am not used to warm weather rain.

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