Thursday, July 26, 2018

Scarlett's 7 Photography

I had high hopes to work on the blog while I was away on vacation, but that didn't happen.  So these next few posts will be all the posts I meant to put up while I was gone.  Once I am through with that I'll get to posting about our trip back to the states. 

Scarlett turned seven back in May and so we took some pictures in our family room.  Nothing too fancy, just a chance for us to mark the this stage of life.
Scarlett loves dresses, or skirts, so we both felt it appropriate for her to wear one for the pictures.  In fact no matter how hard I try I cannot get her to wear jeans.  She will wear leggings but we have a rule that with leggings on she must wear something else that at least covers her bottom, so she usually ends up with a shirt, skirt and leggings.  Other than that she is not picky at all about what she wears.  It doesn't matter if it is hot or cold outside, it doesn't matter if the colors or patterns look good together.  She is all about the comfort of skirts and leggings.
Scarlett has such a big personality she is very emotional.  She gets so upset over things that seem so small to me.  I can just see that to her it is everything.  It is like her heart breaks three times a day, everyday.  She usually won't talk to anyone but me about it either.  So sometimes I feel bad for not giving her the sympathy she is looking for every time someone looks at her wrong (seriously she doesn't like her siblings to look or definitly not touch her).  With all of that comes how happy she is.  Scarlett can be very animated and gets excited and happy over what others would also call very small and insignificant things.  I am curious to see how all these feelings shape her adult personality.
Scarlett is sooooooo amazing with Calista.  She has told me for years that she wants to be a mom and ever since Calista was born I can really see Scarlett's motherly side come out.  It is incredible how much this 7-year-old will care about and take care of her baby sister.  She truly wants to be with Calista, not only when she is bored but just because she loves her and likes to be with her.
I think Scarlett is liking it here in Japan.  Honestly she acts pretty much the same here as she did back in the states.  I guess a main difference for her is that we homeschool, but that is unrelated to the fact that we live in Japan.  Homeschooling is going ok for Scarlett.  She will sometimes tell me that she doesn't want to homeschool, but when I ask her about going to public school she really doesn't want to do that either.  I can tell that she is learning and I think it has been good for her.  But she does struggle with wanting to do her work and different school things when I ask her to.
A couple things Scarlett likes:  dolls, treats, screen time, getting her nails painted, and playing uno.
We love Scarlett and are so happy she is in our family.

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