Monday, June 4, 2018


One great thing about living in a foreign country is that places aren't crowded on American holidays.  Bob still gets them all off so we try to make sure and go somewhere that might be crowded on a weekend.  On Memorial day we went to Zoorasia.  This was our first real type of zoo I've seen here in Japan.  There are a few other places we have been that seemed to happen to have a few animals in cages and they called themselves a zoo, but this was the first place that actually felt like a zoo to me.
I love all the man hole covers here.

Before we went in we bought our tickets Japanese style, or through a vending machine.
It was a decent size zoo.   We spent most of the day there, we saw everything but we the kids were done by the end of it.  It was a good size for a one day trip to the zoo.

We tried to hit a keeper talk like we always used to back in the states.  It wasn't quite the same because of course everything was said in Japanese. 
They had a couple play grounds throughout.
I love it when I see a mini toilet.  They seem to be a ling at zoo's.  I remember the San Diego Zoo had them as well.  This one went up to about my ankles.
Some of the animals know where the real fun is.

We were lucky to catch a show with birds.  Once again we had no idea what they were saying, but at the end we got to come up close and see them better.  Scarlett was really happy because this is her favorite animal, the scarlet macaw.  I thought it was crazy because I got to hear a bird speak Japanese.  The keeper would say things and the bird spoke back.  I was able to pick out konichiwa but that was about it.
Tucker made a video of our day.

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