Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Girls Night

The boys were going on a Father son camp out so we decided to have a girls night at our house.  We went grocery shopping before we left to get supplies.  Calista was really upset and not into the shopping until she got the root beer.

Root beef floats and a movie is what the girls wanted to do for girls night.  I think I can handle that.

In fact I even upped the fun with painting nails, making their favorite puffed pancakes for dinner all together, and letting them watch two movies.
We watched Despicable Me three and the Emoji movie, neither of which I would recommend.
After the movies and floats the girls wanted to sleep downstairs.  Well, Penelope and Scarlett wanted to sleep downstairs.  Calista and I preferred our own beds. 

I just love these girls!  Calista is waving good night to everyone.

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