Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Leon Modeling for Beams

Leon had his first modeling job back in March, but I wanted to wait until the pictures were out for me to post about it.  He was pretty nervous for the whole thing.
But all the people were so nice and helpful for him.  They tried really hard to make him comfortable.  This was the most organized shoot I've ever been to.  He modeled more clothes in less time than any of our other shoots. 

Go here for the website and scroll through the pages to see Leon.  He has quite a few more pictures than I am posting, these are just some of my favorites.

I love these!

Oh man, he is so cute!
This took place right in Harajuku so we stopped for a crem brûlée crepe afterwards.  I think the top of it was pretty yummy, that was the part that was burned.  The rest was just ok.
Tucker fell asleep on the train ride back.
After it was over, I talked to Leon about what he thought about the whole thing.  He said it was ok and doesn't really want to do it again.  Even when the pictures came out online he wasn't very thrilled about it.  I don't think I'm going to sign him up for more jobs unless they are with his siblings or something else fun like that.  He had the experience and that seemed to be enough for him.

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Jacquelyn said...

These pictures are so cute. I love the one in the hat. Did they put color on his lips?