Monday, July 30, 2018

Mosquito Coast

The couple of weeks right before we left for vacation were so busy for us.  Tucker and Penelope started Mosquito Coast day camp.  They went three days a week for three weeks and learned all about mosquito's, west nile virus, and being scientists.  It was pretty cool!  They had tons of homework which is unusual for them, and they took the whole thing very very seriously.   They were so worried about getting questions on their homework wrong, it was cute.  They even found mosquito breeding grounds, made traps, and brought home real mosquito eggs.

While all that was going on I signed up for a two week Japanese class at the high school taught by the regular high school teacher.  I learned a lot during the class.  In fact it was very fast pace. We learned in two weeks what she normally teaches in a year.  It wasn't very much vocabulary based but focused more on sentence structor and particle type words and things like that.  I would have to commit a lot of time at home to remember everything I learned and I am just not doing that right now, so I'm sure I'll forget so much.  It was fun though.  The class had two sessions so every morning a friend watched my kids at her house while I went to class, I then hung out at her house for a while while she went to the same class.  The kids got a lot of play time during these two weeks.  They were long mornings for me because we left the house by 7:30 and didn't get home until lunch time.

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