Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Random Update

Just a few random things from our life over the last two weeks.

One day last week I took Beatrix up to Tokyo for a modeling job, which she did great for by the way, and because we had some sick kids still Bob stayed home from work.  I didn't want to risk Calista still being sick while we were on the train for over an hour.  While Bob was home they went to our favorite curry restaurant.
And on a fun bike ride through our neighborhood.  It is always a party when dad is home and mom is gone.
 Bob also lifted 1,215 pounds and is now a part of the 1000lb club.  I guess it is a thing you can do.  He signed up and someone came and watched him there are three main lifts he has to do and he gets three tries for each.  I think it is if your bench press, squat, and dead lift adds up to 1000 pounds then you are in the club and get a shirt.  If you are a girl you only have to lift 600 lbs.  Tucker said I should do it, haha.  I can probably only lift like 100 lbs.
 I signed up to go on a field trip with Japanese high school students from Tokyo.  The trip for them is to get to talk to native English speakers.  When I original signed up the weather looked good.  Too bad it changed and I was freezing the whole time.  Like it was rainy cold and windy and we were outside for 7 hours.  I wanted to back out so badly, but I felt like I coulnd't because they needed Americans to talk to.  We rode a ferry to Monkey Island and I pretty much just froze the entire time.  The students really do love the kids.  Most of them are too shy to speak to me, but they love talking to the children, it isn't as scary for them.  I'm never going to sign up again.  It just isn't worth the risk of bad weather.

 Leon even lost a tooth when we were there.  He got a lot of cheers from the Japanese kids.

I found Calista like this all by herself the other day.  I guess she can now climb up on the top bunk of both the girls and boys beds.  It's not so bad as long as she doesn't get hurt.  She can't really get anything up there to destroy and she can't get down either.
 I started going to an exercise class on base tailored to moms.  We all bring out kids and work out while they run around.  Calista was having a really hard time one morning but I went to the class anyway.  She was upset and crying most of the time until she wore herself out and fell asleep next to me while I was doing leg lifts.  It was only 9am.
Tucker had a little presentation about a report he did on Ireland with our homeschool group.  He even made Irish soda bread to share.  There were about fifteen students who presented and lots of food to try.  It was fun.  I'm so thankful that there are other homeschool families that can teach my kids sometimes!
These last two are just pictures I took at the store with my phone.  I thought these bags at the 100 yen store were funny.
 I don't think I've ever seen meet in the shape of a flower before and thought it was worth documenting.  I wonder if it is supposed to keep it's shape while it cooks.

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