Saturday, February 8, 2020

Beatrix's Monthly Photos

Beatrix's last monthly photo!

These baby dreamscapes were so fun/stressful to put together.  I loved how they each turned out even though some are more perfect then others.  The process most months was a bit of a challenge.  This last month in particular.  It was a difficult to get Beatrix to lay flat on her stomach.  Like an hour of her crying and Scarlett and I trying to get her to lay down.  We also have plenty of issues with the the other kids, mainly Calista messing up my scene.  

In the end she still isn't holding the paint brush and I"m not even sure if most people can even tell what is going on but Beatrix was so over taking this picture I knew we weren't going to get any better. 

It is pretty fun to see them all back to back.

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