Friday, January 31, 2020

Beatrix Update

I found Beatrix having fun in the bathroom the other day.  She is quite the fan of toilet paper.
We had an hour to kill on base while waiting for the kids and I decided to try out the swings.  She wasn't sure what to think and I was freezing so after a few minutes we just went and sat in the car.  We we both happier in the warm car.
Sometimes she gets stuck behind the curtains, it is pretty cute.
I'm glad that she can watch the older kids playing outside and be entertained.  This way I don't have to go out with her.

We like to take selfies together.  And as hard as I try I cannot get her to keep a bow/hat/or headband on.  

 I can't believe her birthday is coming up!  She is still a little baby to me.


Lorraine Butler said...

I love her funny traits!

Hasib Khan said...

ap na hamary liya psl live ki bhot asani ki ha

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