Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Calista Update

Calista is back to taking her clothes off all the time.  It used to be just the diaper but now that she is potty training she takes pretty much everything off all the time.  It is not unusual for me to go in to get her out of bed and find her naked.  Not even a five point harness carseat can keep her shirt on.
This next picture was her at after school pick up.  She took her skirt off twice in ten minutes and I was stuck running around holding Beatrix while trying to put Calista's clothes back on as she fights me and runs away.
I've found that some long sleeve dresses she cannot take off.  She is happy to wear a dress and she has plenty that I don't really care if she ruins a "church dress."  It works well because pants she can always get off, but with the right dress she can be clothed all day.

I saw this picture on the front of the Uniqlo website so I screen shotted it.  I'm not sure if I posted it before.  This shoot was dreadful, Calista cried almost the entire time.  But I'm happy that they at least got one picture that they deemed worthy to use.

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