Friday, March 27, 2020

Double Yoke

These two sisters are the cutest.  I just love watching them play together.

I totally got a double yoke while cooking with Tucker and Penelope for science the other day.  It wasn't the best time because not only were we making a meringue where we only needed the egg whites I was trying to show them how to separate out the whites using the shell. 
I was still super excited because I'm not sure I had ever gotten one before.  
 Penelope doing schoolwork. 
 I just can't get enough of these two sharing this chair.
Calista trying to comb Bob's hair while he is trying to read scriptures and getting irritated that no one is listening.
Penelope is trying to start her own business called Poop Patrol.  She wants to go clean dog poop out of people yards for them on a weekly bases.  So far we don't have any takers.  I even got permission to put the flyer up on the neighborhood community board.  Hopefully she can get someone to hire her.

Beatrix is slowly starting to walk more and more.  Crawling is still her main mode movement, but every once in a while I see her taking a few steps.  She is pretty funny because she usually walks to the side.  I guess it make sense if all you have done before is walk along furniture.

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