Thursday, March 12, 2020

Golden Book and Beluga Whales

Leon is really thriving at school.  I got to go and see him do a presentation a couple weeks ago.  While waiting to go inside I took a picture of some of his hallway work I found.
He did a great job researching and sharing about the beluga whale.  All the parents got to walk around and listen to each child present.  The teacher made a big point about the fact that the kids found the info on their own to put on their posters.

This was also in the hallway, can you spot him?
A few days later Leon won the Golden Book award!  Each month the teacher chooses someone from their class who really emulated a certain character trait and then they get to go to the office and sign the special golden book and get a certificate.  This month's trait was caring.  The teacher said that he was so nice and helped his friends with their work without them even asking, she said that he treats them like his own brother.  When Tucker heard that he was like, "Oh, so he tackles them all the time?"  haha.  I wasn't able to go to the ceremony as it was the exact time of Beatrix's doctors appointment, but Bob, Tucker, and Penelope all got to attend.

Leon was also chosen today to represent his class in a school wide kenken competition.  I had no idea what those were so I had to look it up.  They are pretty much a form of sudoku.  He is really excited about it.

It is nice to hear Leon tell me all the great things about his day when he comes home from school.  I also like his teacher and love that she tries to have as much play in her classroom as possible.

I really hate the hour and fifteen minute bus ride to school and the one recess.  But my latest concern is that not only do they not have recess if it is sprinkling they don't have recess if it is even wet outside!  WET!  Not raining, but just wet.  Moving from Washington, where they definitely play outside in the rain I can't understand this.  Kids need to be outside and they need a chance to run around.  I guess they say they have indoor recess, but what that is is everyone in the gym watching Paw Patrol.  They are not even playing inside, but just sitting quietly watching TV.  Its a little crazy if you ask me.  Ok, rant over... for now, I'm sure I'll complain to Bob about it some more next time it happens, which is like once a week.

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