Monday, March 9, 2020

Park Day and Valentines

Leon asked me to help him make a valentines box.  Out of all my kids this was the first time any of them were supposed to make one at home and bring it in.  Usually they just make something in class, not to mention the last two years we didn't have anyone in school. So we looked up some ideas online and this is the one Leon picked.  Hippos are one of his favorite animals.
 The other kids also wanted to make their own.  Penelope and Tucker did theirs on their own.

Scarlett missed school the day they made them so her teacher actually made hers for her.
We didn't do much this year.  I promised the kids discount candy the day after Valentines.  I told them they could get more candy if we did it a day late.  Of course when I went the day after the store was cleaned out.  So we bought some regular candy and they were happy with that.

I took some pictures of the kids at the neighborhood park the other day.

 And these last two were a park on base.  Beatrix did not like the swing.

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