Saturday, March 7, 2020

Beatrix Fun

Beatrix went into the doctor again for her well child visit and also to get a weight check.  I was so happy when the doctor told us that she is now keeping on her curve at 10%.  I don't know why she dropped off the charts before but it is good that now she is able to keep up.  

Beatrix now has her first two words!  Well three actually.  Her first two came at the same time.  She says thank you!  It is so cute!  I'll try to post a video sometime, I did take one but she is so quiet.  She says it when we give her things.  It is also funny to me that she still doesn't say mama or dada but she says thank you.  Around the same time she also started saying Peek-a-boo.  And they sound pretty similar.

Calista is now teaching Beatrix her ways and they both are now getting into things.   One day I found the bathroom like this... yes those are socks in the toilet.

And Beatrix was soaking wet.  
This drawer is her favorite spot in the house.  At least once a day, usually more, she takes everything out and sits in it.
 My attempt at a picture of them with their matching shirts on.
 She totally fell asleep while I was trying to feed her lunch.

She sure is a lot of fun!

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