Friday, March 6, 2020

Calista's New Bed

I'm not sure if I post about this before or not but Calista can now climb out of her crib.  I tried everything to get her to stay in.  For a little bit I convinced her she would get hurt if she climbed out, but that didn't last long.  Then we took out the bottom of the crib and put the mattress almost flat on the ground so it was a good six inches lower.  I thought she wouldn't be able to climb out after that.  Unfortunately after just a couple weeks she once again started climbing out.

So I convinced Bob to make a new bed for her.  He normally loves to make things, but the wood her is expensive and he barely has any tools.  I promised him it would be easy. 
I love how it turned out.  And Calista really likes it also.  The mattress is literally on the floor so we do not need to worry at all about her falling out of bed.  Problem solved. 

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