Sunday, May 17, 2020

Mother's Day

I feel really lucky to get to be the mom of six awesome children!  Mother's day is way more important to me then my birthday.  I didn't really do anything for my birthday, but I work hard every single day to me a mother.  I'm sure I'm getting better at it each year and I really do enjoy being a mom.  Definitely more than I thought I would.  

It is nice that the kids are now getting to be old enough to somewhat appreciate all the effort I put into being a parent.  They got me the couple of things I asked for this year.

The first thing I didn't really ask for but more of a tradition.  Breakfast in bed.

The first was a picture of all of the kids together with me.  I also requested the girls wear the matching dresses I made for them, and they boys wear blue ties.
I also asked for no presents.  I'm getting really into minimalism and don't really want any more stuff.  So I asked for something consumable like chocolate and they (with Bob) came through.
Being a mom can be challenging.  Some days the children cry and fight and throw tantrums, sometimes I just feel completely isolated from other adults.  I don't really want those reading this post to think I have an easy fun life.  Things can be hard and we have our days, but over all I am really happy with things.

My mom is really great.  Even though we live in different continents we get to talk regularly on the phone or through video chats.  She is an awesome grandma to the kids and we are lucky to have her.

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