Thursday, May 14, 2020

Scarlett's Birthday

Scarlett is now nine years old!  We are pretty much in quarantine so even though it was her year and friends party wasn't an option.  She didn't seem to mind though and just said she will do her friends party next year instead.

Her door opens out so we had to decorate the hallway outside her door instead of putting the streamers right on her doorway like we usually do.
For breakfast she choose giant pancakes, lunch was macaroni and cheese, and dinner was a frozen dinner in a bag thing.  So easy!  

She still had to do her virtual school, but it was fun to watch the 40 kids in her class sing happy birthday to her over zoom.
 Once Bob got home from work she got to open presents.
 Bob and I got her an indoor trampoline.  She was pretty excited, and so were all the other kids.
 She requested a lemon cake and said it was the best tasting cake ever.
Happy Birthday Scarlett!

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