Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Taura Torii Gates

We found an awesome shrine in Taura that has a beautiful path leading up to it lined with over 50 Torii gates.  I think it is officially called Fushimi Hakuseki Inari Shrine.  It is just a few minutes from our house and here is the link to the exact location.  For anyone who is interested in checking it out (or me later when I want to look up the directions again).  Just park in any nearby coin lot and follow the link until you see the white flags.  Follow the flags over a small bridge, then stay on the path.  When the path splits, go right.  
We took a short family hike up to the shrine and had a great day.  I was surprised at how really pretty the Torii gates were.

Surprisingly this is not a well known spot for the Americans that live on the base so close to it.  The only people we saw the whole time were a couple farmers working in a nearby field and two guys working at the top near the shrine.
One was an old man who seemed very happy we were there.  He had a log book for us to sign and showed us a website we could use to get English information.  He also had many pictures of the damage that was done to the Torii gates from the two big typhoons we had last summer (2019).  Several trees were down and blocking the path.  I'm not sure but I think he was there on his own accord.

Part of me is thinking this would be a great family photo location.  Or maybe for a senior graduating in Japan.  How cool would that be?  Too bad I didn't know about it when my nephew was here.

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