Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 8 and 9

Makes you go Hmmm? Yumm! (Day 8)
When I saw Scarlett trying to eat the box when she still had a tray full of cereal I had to laugh.  I guess the box was just more appealing to her.  I personally would take the cereal over the box.

 Rule of Thirds (Day 9)
Playing the guitar happens a lot around our house.  Bob plays (for real) and Tucker plays with the guitar.  There is a big difference and when Tucker has my real guitar I try to get him to be as carful as a four-year-old can be.  I love when we have music in our house.  But like you can see in the picture sometimes things get a little loud inside and we need to take the music outside for sanity purposes.

Inspired by Family Magazine


Linda said...

Great photos-Tucker really looks like he knows what he's doing! :-}

Megan, said...

oh my gosh, they are adorable!

Mari said...

Don't forget to link up each individual photo in the challenge. If you have more then one photo in the same post that you are submitting just add #1, #2, #3.... so on.

Good luck!