Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 5 and 6

Just Can't Get Enough (Day 5)
I knew when I read the just can't get enough prompt that it had to be a picture of Penelope and her blanket.  She loves the blanket.  It goes everywhere around the house with her and whenever they are reunited she gets a huge smile on her face and even laughs because she is so happy she has her blanket back.  Penelope will talk about the blanket like it is a person she will say, "mom, blankie looking at me." or, "mom, blankie sorry."  or even, "Jesus love blankie."  Seriously?  How she became so attached to a blanket I have no idea.

 Interesting Point of View (Day 6)
Sometimes I think about what it would be like to go around in a world where everything was made for a person 2 or 3 times taller than me.  Kind of a Gulliver's Travels sort of thing I guess.  I bet it would be really frustrating.  To me a slide is no big thrill, but to a child it probably seems higher and I could see it being scary or even more exciting.
Inspired by Family Magazine

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KariMarie said...

Your Interesting Point of View....I experience that feeling a lot. What would it be like to view what David sees.