Thursday, May 3, 2012

Depth of Field and Love

Depth of Field (Day 3)
Tucker was playing with these toys and I thought it would make a great depth of field picture.  I still love how it seems like the dog is awaiting the dinosaurs command.  The kids toys are a huge mommy moment for me.  It always seems like they are everywhere.  I seriously need to get rid of some toys but I am having a hard time letting them go.

LOVE (Day 4)
This picture has got to be one of my favorites.  If that doesn't show true sibling love than I don't know what does.  My kids always seem to have a love hate sort of relationship.  I was at the library today when someone asked if Tucker and Penelope were siblings (I thought it was obvious), when I told her yes she commented on how nice it is that they get along so well.  At that moment it was sweet that Penelope wanted to sit next to Tucker, but what she doesn't see is them fighting all the time at home.

Inspired by Family Magazine

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