Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mommy Moments Day 1

I am entering my first photo competition!  And it is happening just in time to celebrate mother's day.  There are twelve picture days all focusing on mommy moments.  I spent a lot of time trying to capture moments of my life with the kids and I still need to get a few more. I really wanted the pictures to be candid real life moments.  Hope you like them.

The first photo prompt is...

Where I Spent My Day  
Scarlett has a radar for when we open the dishwasher.  Even when she is in the other room she hears it and crawls as fast as she can over to the dishwasher. There is something really exciting about taking the silverware in and out of their places.  I spent a good amount of my day chasing Scarlett around and cleaning.
You know how I said cleaning.  Well this dark blue nail polish got spilled, by the one and only Penelope, onto the carpet.  Could she have spilled a clear or light color nail polish?  Nope, it had to be dark blue.  I worked on this for about an hour.  It was right in the center of our family room, not really a spot that I could cover up with a chair.  At one point I was thinking we were going to have to buy all new carpet.  Luckily after tons of scrubbing, nail polish remover, and stain remover I was able to get it off.  Maybe even a little too well.  The carpet is lighter in that spot.

What did you think?  I would love feedback on the pictures!
Inspired by Family Magazine


Unknown said...

GREAT photos! I feel like I'm tied to either the dish washer or the washing machine most days C:

his little lady said...

that first picture is absolutely adorable!!! no words!
xo TJ

Linda said...

I love it! Scarlett will be quite the helper in a year or so. Will you post a different photo everyday? :-}

Unknown said...

Those pictures are great and definitely great moments captured. I have had a nail polish on the carpet escapade myself by my daughter, bright red!

Doranda said...

Thanks you guys. I will post pictures tomorrow and Sat and then next week wed, thurs, and Fri!

Mari said...

Adorable! My son also likes to play with everything but his toys.

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