Monday, May 14, 2012

Tucker's teeth mishap

We had our first accident that warranted a trip to the dentist.  We have never taken the kids to the ER or the doctor for broken limbs or anything like that before so this was a new experience for us.  It was scary but it all worked out.

We were at the park and Tucker was on one of those toys that you sit on and there is one giant spring so you can rock back and forth.  Usually they are some kind of animal, I think this one was a motorcycle.  Anyway, I guess in his mind he had to do it really hard because he was racing a friend (I don't know how you race on a stationary item).  Next thing I know he is crying face down on the ground with one shoe off.

I go over assuming it is a normal 'just brush it off' kind of spill.  But when I got close I saw blood pouring out of his mouth.  It was scary I didn't know what to do so I left the girls with a friend and took Tucker to the bathroom.  I tried to clean it up with toilet paper but blood was still pouring out.  Once Tucker saw himself in the mirror he freaked out even more and later told me he thought he was either the Joker or turning into a vampire.

I ended up getting everyone in the car and heading to the dentist.  In the process we managed to get a huge white paint mark across a friends van parked next to us (I am glad it was able to wash off, but at the time I couldn't really worry about it and I just told my friend and left).

The dentist did x-rays and it was weird waiting in the waiting room and Tucker is covered in blood with a rag on his mouth.  The Diagnosis was that one of his front teeth got shoved back up into his gums (makes you want to cringe doesn't it) and one is wiggly.  The good news was that there was no root damage or damage to his permanent teeth and the front tooth should come back down in about a month.
Tucker was pretty sore the entire day and even a little the next day.  Now he seems back to normal and he likes to show people his teeth.  I am having a hard time getting used to his new smile and I hope it goes back soon.  Go here to see what his teeth used to look like.
In the picture you can see a dark red blood clots around the gums.  That has cleared up now.  All we need to do is not brush the front for a few more days and rub this prescription stuff on it instead.
For our first accident it could have been worse, much worse.  Although it could have been better too.  Like if we were at home than I could have called the dentist or pediatrician and asked them what to do.  I really should add those numbers to my cell phone, and if you have young kids you probably should too.


Gayle Daly said...

Well that was scary. Face & mouth wounds are the worst. I did cringe through the details. I'm so relieved that all will return to normal for Tucker's teeth. What a day!

Voices of the Graves said...

That made me cringe too! Ouch. Glad he's okay.
I remember when Makensie fell one time and her bottom teeth went thru her bottom lip! We went to the ER for that one too, she still has a scar from it. They just super glued it together.

Megan, said...

Oh no! we had something similar to that in december, such a scare

Kit Charles said...

"Kudos to the writer for tackling such important issues with sensitivity and empathy. This blog fosters understanding and compassion."

Edvin Berg said...

"Kudos to the author for presenting diverse perspectives and fostering a rich, inclusive dialogue. This blog is a platform for meaningful discussions."