Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Easy Independence Day Nails

What are you doing on the fourth of July?  Whatever it is you might want to jazz up your nails a bit.  These flag nails are very simple and easy to do.  All you need is blue, red, and white nail polish.

 1) Paint your thumbs blue and the rest of your nails red.
2) Make a white star on you thumb nails.  I have a white polish with a very skinny brush from the dollar store and making the star with it was easy.

I know I need to clean up my cuticles but I want to wait for it to be really dry to do that.  So just ignore it for these pictures.
3) Paint white stripes on your red nails.  They don't need to be perfect and it doesn't matter how many per nail.  As you can see I did 3 or 4.
That's it, now you have flag 4th of July nails!

Just so you know I did not make this up but I saw it a while ago and don't remember where.

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