Friday, January 30, 2015

Twin Day

Tucker's school had a twin day last week so he and a friend dressed up in their Seahawks gear to get ready for the Superbowl!
I don't love everything about Tucker's school, but I do like it when they have dress up days.  They are only kids I think they should be having fun at school.  I was recently talking about how some schools only have one or two recesses and how silly it is.  How can children, especially the lower grades be expected to sit down all day without a real break?  Its kind of crazy to me.  They are children, lets not pretend they are mini adults.


Melissa Graham said...

They are too cute! My son only has one recess at his school. It is hard for him to make it through the day sometimes because he loves to be outside playing instead of stuck inside. said...

Trust me, the teachers are doing their best to educate the children. State law mandates the number of minutes each subject must be taught each week. More recess would have to extend the school day. As a retired teacher I felt the need to comment. Kids will succeed in school if it is a priority with everyone.