Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Puyallup Day

Last week I went down to Puyallup to get my hair done and to just hang out.  It is always nice to go down there and do something different.  My sister just opened a new salon and I got to be one of her first people.
While driving back to my moms to get the kids I had to wait for the train.  It looked pretty with the sun behind it so I whipped out my phone and took a picture.  I wish you could see the outline of the train a bit more.  
Then we headed over to Red Robin to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday.

It was a fun day, and Tucker had the day off school so he got to come and I didn't have to worry about rushing back before he got home from school.

It's about an hour and 15 minute drive each way so I usually end up getting gas every time I go.  This time I was pleasantly surprised by the price!  I've never gotten gas that cheap in my entire life!  The first time I got gas it was $1.93 (or maybe 97) but it promptly started to rise up to $3 and has been around there ever since.
  $1.79 that is just crazy to me!  I filled up the entire flex for $29!

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