Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Snoqualmie Falls and Tunnel

While looking up what else there is to do in Snoqualmie I found this cool (it was seriously freezing) old tunnel.  I think it was about 2 miles long and used to be for a train.  We didn't walk all the way through but probably went about a half mile before turning back.  I was too cold to keep going and Tucker still wasn't feeling great.

It was dark, almost pitch black, and the kids thought it was really fun, and a little scary, to run through it.  Tucker wore his night vision spy goggles and Leon brought Bob's light up Kylo Ren light saber for protection and visibility.
Leon was pretty cute swinging the saber all around.
I enjoyed the tunnel but the kids really enjoyed it.

Our last stop on our Snoqualmie tour was the famous Snoqualmie Falls.  We went once before but it was so foggy we literally could not see the waterfall, very disappointing after a 2 hour drive.

This time we could see it just fine.  It was huge, 270 feet high to be percise, but honestly I thought Franklin falls was way cooler.  We couldn't get very close to this one and I like waterfalls that you have to hike to.  They seem more of an accomplishment than ones like this where we could just park right next to it.
I wish I had more Saturdays this summer to go on hikes but I just don't.  We have something planned for every weekend until we leave.  It also didn't help that we are nearing the end of July and it is just now warming up.  Maybe next summer it will get warm early to make up for it.

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