Monday, October 2, 2017

Penelope's Birthday/Ninja Park

Penelope always seems to have her birthday's when we are not at home. Ok, just two years in a row, but that seems like a lot to here.  We tried to make it special even though we are living in a hotel.  I hung up some decorations and even attempted a special birthday seat.  For breakfast she got waffles and ice cream.
She is sooo easy to please with presents.  I think the majority of them were from the 100 yen store, and she loved them!

The exception was this fancy dress I bought on a whim just before we left for Japan.  It was only $5 from Good Will and I knew the girls would love it!  Really it is from David's Bridal and was probably pretty pricey.  It worked out perfectly because it is white and her baptism dress is packed.  So this will be her new baptism dress.

The one thing she wanted to do was go to the ninja park in Taura.  We went twice before 6 years ago, check it out here.

We actually used to live in this apartment.  Just for about a month, but it still feels special to me.  The sign right by Scarlett's head is pointing the way to the park.  They were all over town and made it very easy for us to find the way.

To register your car in Japan the police actually come to your house and measure to see if you can fit a car.  You have to prove you have a parking space big enough.  This car barely fit in it's space, like two inches on each size.  It was a tight fit and seemed like it would be hard to park everyday.

Another sign for the park.  I think we found three maps, each a little different.  I learned long ago not to trust the Japanese maps.  They are never to any sort of scale and everywhere you want to go always seems to be uphill and farther away than you think.
The trail was soo pretty though.  Like some sort of magical forest.
The kids were so happy when we got there.  Tucker has been hyping this place up to everyone for 6 years.
The ninja course.  Pretty much America Ninja Warrior for kids...Bob and I did it also.  There may have been some racing going on.  On our fist attempts went, Bob 1st place, Tucker 2nd place, and me 3rd (but only by 5 seconds of about 4 minutes).  Tucker made a second attempt and beat all of our times.  In my defense, it was my first time doing the course and everyone else had played on it for a while before that.  I did fall at the park one time, but not on the playground just on the grass trying to take pictures.  The ground was slick in areas.

Complete with a zip line and all.
This park has more than just a ninja course.  It is a pretty popular destination to see the plum tree blossoms.  There is a great lookout spot, and this time we found a back trail to some sort of cub scout building.  The signs were in Japanese, but there were definitly boys there with uniforms on.

On our way back we saw a pop machine blocking someones stairs.  I thought the placement would be pretty annoying.
We stopped and ate dinner at CoCo Curry.  When Bob opened his bag to pay he found a friend.  
It would have freaked me out.  The grasshoppers here are big and one jumped on Scarlett at the park.  She froze in place and let out a deathly scream.

When we got back Penelope finally got to have her long awaited cake and ice cream.

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Sarah Isis D said...

Gotta have Hello Kitty in Japan! Cool pictures :) Happy birthday Penelope!