Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tucker Dancing

Tucker loves dancing. We usually listen to music on our computer through itunes. Tucker is so funny because if he wants to listen to music he will walk over to the computer and point at it and say, da da da. And then when we turn on the music he goes crazy, running around, swinging his hips, turning in circles on the floor (break dancing), spinning around until he gets dizzy and falls over. And he loves just moving his hands up and down to the beat. It is a couple clips of him dancing. One is when we were back in Rexburg, one is at Doranda's parents house. and the last one was just a couple days ago at our new house. Watch out So You Think You Can Dance here comes Tucker.


Mary-Anne said...

That video is so cute! He should be on So You Think You Can Dance!! I'd vote for him. :) We want to come see your house!! We are coming up to Puyallup on Tuesday night and are leaving Friday night...hopefully we can come see it sometime if you guys are available!! :)

Anna said...

That has to be the coolest thing ever... what are you doing that is teaching him to break dance bob!!! lol!!! i had to watch it a couple times b/c it was just so cool!!!