Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year we started out on Saturday with Trunk-or-treat.  Tucker was so excited to be a pirate he has been talking about it for the past few weeks.  He even broke his sword before Halloween.  We like to do a family theme but the best we could come up with was Penelope being an octopus.  I put together some last minute pirate stuff for myself the morning of and we headed out.

 Here is Tucker and his friend Gunner.

Bob did a great job decorating the car.  I was kinda bummed after it was over because I spent the whole time taking Tucker around and I didn't really get to see anyone.  It was packed and dark and I just felt like I dragged Tucker from car to car.  At the end Tucker wanted to go home.  I think he was cold.  I ended up wearing my coat the entire time.

We decided not to go Trick-or-treating or to pass out candy this year because Halloween fell on a Sunday.  Instead we invited some families over for a potluck.  It was funny because before anyone got here we heard something outside and just as I looked out the window the doorbell rang and I saw several kid faces staring back at me.  We didn't want to open the door and tell them no candy so we just hid.  They must have rang like ten times and one of them kept saying that they saw someone inside.  There was a huge group of them.  They finally left and Bob had the funny idea of putting out an empty bowl and a sign next to it that said 'please take one'.  We didn't have anymore kids ring the doorbell after that.  We played scary music, until Tucker made us turn it off because it was too scary, talked, and ate Halloween themed food.
 Kari made these scary skull cupcakes.  I made a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin.  It was fun and time consuming but I think it turned it out pretty tasty.
We then made spiders with pipe cleaners and suckers.  I was disappointed when i saw Tucker had taken his apart and was eating it a whole two minutes after we finished making them.  I saved mine though.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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Maria Ash said...

LOVE the pirate pictures! Looks like you had alot of fun for Halloween!