Friday, January 14, 2011


Bob was cleaning out the car this morning when he discovered that someone cut the end of our hose off.  So my question to that person is why?  We didn't have a fancy nozzle or anything.  It didn't even have any settings.  I think it cost about $2 from walmart and if you really wanted it that bad why not just unscrew it?  It's really weird. Now we have to buy a whole new hose. The only thing I can think of is that it was some teenagers looking for something exciting to do.  But come on really? How exciting is that?
Even Penelope is sad about it.
Haha.  I took this picture this morning and just thought it was hilarious how seriously sad she looked.  She wasn't crying or anything.  I had just gotten her up out of bed then dressed and i set her down because I wanted to take a picture and this is what I got.  What could be that bad in her life that made her make that depressing face. :-(
This picture was taken a whole 2 seconds later.  Anyway, i mentioned Bob was cleaning out the car.  our car was starting to smell bad (not the first time).  So Bob emptied it all out and found that the floor in the back of the car was soaked and several things were moldy.  We both have no idea what happened because there was no empty cup and neither of us can recall something spilling.  We have a stricked no milk in the car policy (since the last smell) so I know it must have been water.  Oh well.  the car is nice and clean now so it doesn't really mater.

Thats it for today.  Except I wanted to share that today is the first day that I am wearing actual maternity clothes.  I can still fit into most of my in between stuff and most of the maternity stuff is way to big but some of it works.  I am almost 23 weeks and I can't remember how long it took with the first two but I think it was about the same.


Bob said...

It was actually a $5 nozzle. The old school metal ones that are supposed to last forever. You can drop them all you want, run over them with the car, and they are still fine. At the beginning of the summer I told Doranda we should get the metal one even though it was twice as much, cause we had already gone through 2 plastic ones. That investment didn't pan out.

Talitha and John said...

did you make the bow in Penelope's sad photo too??? My friend just taught me how to make that kind in a pin, but I havn't tryed it yet.

Jacquelyn said...

That is a beautiful picture of Penelope (the second one). I love the colors and her face is so perfect.

Lorraine Butler said...

Bob: I think the investment IS panning out--for someone else!

Doranda: Maybe it's Penelope's "Mmmm, how am I actually feeling this morning" look.