Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doughnut or Donut?

I got a donut maker for Christmas and since church is late for us Sundays are the perfect days to make donuts for breakfast.  This time we made chocolate donuts with chocolate glaze.  It also went well with the letter of the week (we are working on a letter a week with Tucker) "D".  While making this post I wasn't sure how to spell donut.  Donut or doughnut?  I looked it up online and the most correct way is doughnut but both ways are perfectly acceptable.  I decided to go with my original instinct and spell it d o n u t.  How do you spell it?
Either way you spell it they taste delicious.  My favorites are the warm krispy kremes.   But I have heard about donuts shops that make specialty ones specifically the maple bacon donut that I am dying to try.

You might be wondering why I am making a post at 1:30 on Sunday right after I just said that I have afternoon church.  Although Tucker hasn't had a fever since Friday he still seems pretty sick and much to both his and my dismay we decided it would be best for him to stay home.  I really wanted him to go because he enjoys it and today not only are the primary giving out valentine treats but today is our last day in this ward for a couple of months.  I know tucker is going to miss his friends in his class.  Bob and Penelope are there for sacrament right now and I am going to head up for primary when they get back.

The bad news is that Penelope now has a runny nose and cough.  Hopefully she doesn't get as bad a Tucker.  The good news is that Bob and I still feel fine.


Swift family said...

those donuts look great. we have never heard of a donut maker -- how does it work. we have a great recipe for homemade krispy kreme donuts if you ever want to try them. they turn out exactly like the real thing.

DerrK said...

i want to know if your donut maker fries them or do they turn out more cake like?

Michael and Denise said...

Glad Tucker is feeling better. Hopefully Penelope doesn't get too sick. At least they got sick this weekend instead of next, right?

Doranda said...

The donut maker is just like one of those cheap waffle makers except for the waffle shape. it has little donut shapes on the inside. It doesn't fry them.