Monday, April 25, 2011

Eagle Scout

Last Saturday my brother got his Eagle Scout award.  Congrats Caleb!
In the bottom right picture you can see him pinning my dad.  Bob is also an Eagle Scout so he got to sit in the Eagle's nest.  Caleb is the last of my five brothers to get their Eagle scout, I think my parents are pretty happy about that.  If only they could have gotten all their daughters to get their YW medallion ;-).
Here is a picture of Caleb when he was 'being a kid' as Tucker stated it.  Like you can just be a kid whenever you want.
Penelope was being pretty grumpy so she and i spent most of the ceremony out in the hall. Notice how her shirt says 'Smiles are free' well that wasn't really true.
Tucker's cousin James was looking a little sad too so I took a picture.

 Here he is again playing with Tucker under the table.

Sarah had her baby two weeks early!  Now I am the next person in line to have mine.  Three more weeks to go.

Easter pictures coming soon.

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