Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Because of the great weather we decided to do our Easter Egg hunt on Saturday.  It worked out great and I think it helped the kids separate the Easter eggs with what Easter is really about.  Penelope was at first pretty scared because of all the people around and she was pretty reluctant to put her candy in the basket.
Tucker also had a rough start, but it didn't seem to phase him.
Penelope did get the hang of it pretty soon.
And tucker seemed to really enjoy it also.
We counted the eggs so the kids would all get the same amount.  After the kids hunt bob and I organized an adult hunt.  We just hid one thing per person.  Bob hid mine and I hid his.  The funny part was that Bob and i were the last ones to find our candy and I needed several clues.  It was under the deck! How am I, 37 weeks pregnant, supposed to find candy under the deck?
Tucker loved spending the weekend with his cousin James and he behaved himself pretty well too.  I don't think he got any time outs.  The hardest part for him was probably when he fell in my parents one foot deep fish pond.  It is normally deeper but they had less water in it because everyone was coming over.  This is not the first time someone fell in.
The kids looked adorable in their Easter Sunday cloths.  I wish I took a family picture, but it was pretty yucky outside on Sunday and I didn't want to drag everyone out.
We have an Easter Story book we were read to Tucker a few times over the past week and I am pretty sure he understands most of the story.  It was kind of funny to hear him read it to himself because he was looking at the part where everyone was mean and in a mean voice was saying 'kill Jesus, kill Jesus' over and over again.  Bob and I encouraged him to move on to the next page.

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