Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs

Last night Tucker and I attempted to decorate Easter eggs.  I wanted to try something a little different and Tucker insisted on making a superhero one.  It involved hallowing out the egg so it can hang and fly.  It was so difficult though.  I seriously spent about an hour on it last night just to break it right before we finished.  Who spends an hour decorating one egg?  Tucker was devastated about it and it didn't help when I told him I didn't have the energy or time to try again.  it was pretty upsetting to me also.  Only because I worked on it for so long.  I even had to take a break because I started seeing little black spots everywhere because I was blowing so hard to get the inside of the egg out.  If you don't know what I am talking about to hallow and egg out you make two pin size holes on opposite ends of a raw egg and then blow into one until the insides of the egg all drip out the other end.  I have done it before but this egg was especially challenging for me.
The bumble bee also broke before it got hallowed out when Penelope got her hands on it.  This morning we finished up the ones we didn't get to last night and they are all hard boiled.  Here we have a pig and a scuba guy.
These next two are my favorite!  And they were very easy to do.  I just used toilet paper rolls, construction paper, and cotton balls.  Maybe next year I will make a whole family.
 Have fun decorating and get creative!


KRad said...

How fun! I remember doing these as a kid with my mom - I think she just about passed out too - someone told her to get a long needle or skewer and wiggle it around inside to break the yolk to make it easier. It's still hard but not pass out hard.

Swift family said...

Yeah, I really like those ones of Mom and Dad Swift too!